// About ARAKNET
It would be nice to sneak off to our UNDERGROUND COMPUTER LAIR.

ArakNet is an Underground Scene Message Network. We discuss topics like Cyber Security, Hacking, CyberPunk, Retro Computing, Cryptocurrency, Demo Parties, Streaming Movies and Shows, BBS Development & Support, and general life surrounding the use of Computers and the Internet.

The world of the ELECTRON and the switch; the beauty of the BAUD.

ArakNet is a network of passionate sysops who continually work on improving their systems and inspiring others by showing what can be done when you think outside the box. How will my board be found interesting enough to visit? What can I do to make sure it's exciting enough to return back to. We don't need to make it a full time job. We all have real lives that includes family, friends, and work. It is a "hobby" for goodness sake. But a little "LOVE" goes a long way.

This is how every ARAKNET SYSOP sees themselves monitoring their BBS.

ArakNet, unlike many other open membership bbs message networks we are INVITE-ONLY. You can always inquire about membership but will have to go through a review process. If two or more existing sysops of ArakNet vouch for your board it will ensure the acceptance of your membership. ArakNet is being run by many of the traditional rules of the old Underground Scene Networks. There's only one major RULE that we enforce on ARAKNET - "NO STOCK BBSes"! Your board does not have to be fancy or have every known mod installed on it. The one thing that I remember about scene boards was there were no TWO boards that looked alike. So make it your own, change it up a little to make your board unique. It's not a requirement to have crazy art on your board but any effort to change the default setup will make it easier for you to get in. If your board carries themed content, Door Games, Files, and or External News/Info sources it shows value and people can be directed to your board for its speciality.
// Newly added BBS nodes
These NEW MEMBERS have recently been invited and added to the ARAKNET NETWORK. They are best viewed by modern ANSI telnet clients such as Syncterm and Netrunner.

  • React BBS (+o Nikoh) - react-bbs.nikoh.it:2323
// Origin:ArakNet name
The origin of the ArakNet name was from the Sony Pictures TV series STARTUP. In the series, ArakNet was an underground network on it's own Dark Web. I loved the underground feel of how the underground network in the show grew just by word of mouth and through the distribution of the it's communication software. It allowed it's users to connect and sell goods online. Since communication of BBSes today are mainly on Telnet If you want to check out this series, you can watch "STARTUP" for FREE on Sony's Crackle streaming service.

The ArakNet (FTN Message Network) was started by Hawk Hubbard (aka Capn Hood) and Lawrence Manuel (aka Smooth) on February 3, 2018. The exclusivity of our network was to bring Life Back To The Underground Scene. ArakNet wants to bring like-minded people that showcase how they customized, built up their BBS, and continually communicated and collaborated with their users. The friendly rivalry between sysops challenged many to improve their systems and made it more inviting for everyone to visit and see what was going on. These sysops were always finding ways to grow their userbase. It gets lonely when the only user that logs on your board is YOU.
// Telnet Clients
There are several TELNET Clients that we recommend to logon to all of our MEMBER BOARDS. However there are two favored telnet clients that enhance the users' ONLINE experience. Syncterm and Netrunner support some modern features outside of regular BBS ANSI/ASCII display standards. Syncterm and Netrunner both support wide-screen displays, extended color palletes, ice-color, and multiple fonts such as CP437 and Topaz(Amiga).
Netrunner v2.0 beta 22 by James Coyle

Win32 : nr_w32.rar
Win64 : nr_w64.rar
Linux 32bit : nrb22l32.rar
Linux 64bit : nrb22l64.rar
macOS 64bit : nrb22o64.zip
rPI 32bit : nrb22p32.zip

Syncterm v1.1 by Stephen Hurd

Win32 : syncterm.zip
macOS : SyncTERM-macOS.zip
Linux 32bit : syncterm_latest.zip
Linux 64bit : syncterm-linux-x64.tgz

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