// Door Game Servers
Our very own ArakNet Sysops - Maskreet(Door Party) and Dark Rebellion(BCR-Black Country Rock) both own and run Door Game Servers to help sysops link-up with door games without having to go through the hassle of installing them individually on their boards.
// Door Party
Door Party Game Server provides you several genres of door games. There are RPG, Multiplayer, Single Player, Card/Dice, Solitaire, Old DOS Text Games, Synchronet Games, Online Contests, and BETA Door games that programmers want tested.

Door Party Game Server - Maskreet<PHENOM>
sign-up: http://www.throwbackbbs.com/

// Black Country Rock
Black Country Rock Game Server is comprised of custom door games that were all written and coded by it's owner Dark Rebellion. The server consists of door games such as "From Here To Eternity", "FREEDOM TRAIN", and "1NS0MN1A. There's a character sheet that shows your stats for "From Here To Eternity" and "FREEDOM TRAIN". You can also Trash Talk in the main lobby and fight a Leviathan.

BCR Game Server - Dark Rebellion
telnet: bcrgames.com: 31337