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To get started on ArakNet, you'll have to be assigned a unique node # based on your hub's Zone:Net #. Upon your acceptance to ArakNet you will receive your node # right away. Your new node # is added to the nodelist and your node information is added to the hub that will be packing and distributing mail to your bulletin board. All hubs have a node # that end with a 0 (10:101/0, 10:102/0, 10:103/0, etc...). All of the hubs except for the main (10:101/0 - whq.araknet.xyz) have the names of the world's most dangerous spiders as part of their hostname (example: blackwidow, funnelweb, and yellowsac).

I'd like to thank theKnight of Fuel who gave much of his time providing ArakNet with a lot of quality artwork. Shown below is one of tK's amazing art releases for ArakNet.

There are several other artists that have contributed ArakNet Artwork and we would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your contributions as well. Thank you Anachronist, Nail, Griskokare, Prismate, Haliphax, Filth, and pz. We'll be showcasing your artwork on this website as well.