// Amiga BBSes
There are several Amiga BBSes running today. Two most popular Amiga BBS software are Ami-Express and C-NET BBS Software. Our ArakNet Amiga Boards are mainly C-NET BBS systems. If you are running an Ami-Express BBS system, we would love to have you join us.
C-Net is a large Amiga software package with over 70 different software applications all of which had to be reviewed, tested and compared to the previous release to ensure a stable first release. After a year of working on C-Net , On the 1 year anniversary of acquiring it, was released once again. It was over 7+ years from the last release of C-Net, but it still by far competes with best BBS packages out there and the release of C-Net 5.10b on December 31, 2006 has passed the test of time and reliability.

C-NET BBS Software by Dan Fitzgerald (K-Guide)
Future World II BBS - telnet:fw2.cnetbbs.net port:6800

Custom C-NET BBS: Absinthe BBS - +o Anachronist<PHENOM>
telnet:absinthebbs.net port 1940

// Ami-Express
Ami-Express - also known as /X - by Synthetic Technologies was a popular BBS software application for the Commodore Amiga line of computers. AmiExpress was extremely popular among the warez scene for trading (exchanging) software.

AmiExpress was created and updated between 1992 and 1995. The software was originally written by Michael Thomas of Synthetic Technologies and later sold to Joseph Hodge of Lightspeed Technologies. Mike Thomas worked on Ami-Express for about two years, modelling the software after the commercial PC BBS software PCBoard. He first ran a BBS on PCBoard on a PC himself, but he was not happy with the PC platform in general and decided to make a comparable product on the Amiga.

A Usenet post (by /X author Joseph Hodge) later stated that both programming on /X and the developer company (LightSpeed Technologies Inc.) were to be dissolved, with plans for a new bulletin board system - Millennium BBS. This never surfaced.

In 2018 Ami-Express was revived by Darren Coles. He obtained permission from Joseph Hodge to continue development of the product and to continue using the name Ami-Express. Version 5.0.0 was released publicly at the end of 2018. This version was re-written in Amiga-E by taking the publicly released source code for v3 and reverse engineering the new functionality present in v4.20. It is highly backwards compatible with the v4.x versions and adds many new features and the source code is available on github.

Ami-Express BBS Software by Darren Coles (Lightspeed Technologies)