// Entertainment
ArakNet has several forms of entertainment available to it's users. We've got a LIVE streaming RADIO station (ArakNet Radio), an ONLINE Video Channel (YouTube - ArakNet TV), and several choices for online chatting (Facebook Community, Discord, Multi-Relay Chat, and Inter-Relay-Chat).

ArakNet TV: ACiD Underworld BBS

Our very own ArakNet Sysops - Maskreet(Door Party) and Dark Rebellion(BCR-Black Country Rock) both own and run Door Game Servers to help sysops link-up with door games without having to go through the hassle of installing them individually on their boards. They're both easy to setup.

Door Party Game Server - Maskreet<PHENOM>
sign-up: http://www.throwbackbbs.com/

BCR Game Server - Dark Rebellion
telnet: bcrgames.com: 31337

ArakNet also has it's own (IRC) Inter Relay Chat Server. If anyone wants to connect and join others for public or private chats, it's openly available to all users. You can create your own channels, send private messages, and transfer files to one another.

To connect to the ArakNet IRC Server you can either download and install MIRC, XChat, a web-enabled IRC client, or install an IRC mod to your BBSes so that your bulletin board users can join in on iRC as well.