Listed below are the TOP Windows/Linux BBS Software packages used by our ARAKNET SYSOPS today. If you're interested in using any of them, the links to their websites are below each of their logos. Some are using Legacy hardware, modern computers, mini systems (Raspberry Pi,Odroid, and mini computers like the NUC).

There's some Bulletin Board software packages that are still in development. Chad Adams (Nugax) is working on Cyber BBS. We're also waiting on Michael Griffith (Mercyful Fate). He's developing Oblivion/2 XRM.
// Mystic BBS
Mystic BBS Software by James Coyle (g00r00)

// Synchronet BBS
Synchronet BBS Software by Rob Swindell (Digital Man)

// Enigma 1/2 BBS
Enigma 1/2 BBS Software by Bryan Ashby (Nuskooler)

// DayDream BBS
DayDream BBS Software by Ryan Fantus (Esc)
// Talisman BBS
Talisman BBS Software by Andrew Pamment (Apam)

// Renegade BBS
Renegade BBS Software by T.J. McMillen & Lee Woodridge

// Cyber BBS
Cyber BBS Software by Chad Adams (Nugax)

// Wildcat BBS
Wildcat! BBS Sofware by Santronics Software, Inc.